Hanoi Link

Hanoi Link is a group of 12 artists working in a number of areas of contemporary art. It was founded on the 4 May 2006 with its first 10 members, aiming at the creation of art works which reflect the reality of life and highlight the artistic dialogues among the artists, between the artist and art, and between the artist and the community. Hanoi Link’s working culture is built on the principle of artistic contributions by its members, with an aim to support the general development of Vietnam’s contemporary arts reflecting the spirits of the community, and to bring it to an international level.

Hanoi Link is a group with not only artists from Hanoi. When it started, a number of its members were from places outside of Hanoi. The way it works is, any artist who is working in the area of contemporary art, regardless of their nationality, can become a member of Hanoi Link, or a link member. We welcome all potential geunine members to join us, so that all activities, events and art projects by Hanoi Link can have their highest quality, level and objectivity.

Currently, Hanoi Link artists include painting artists, sculptors, musicians, architects, graphic designers, journalists and art critics. We understand this, "In order to build a house, you need to put together many pieces and pieces of work". Likewise, strong links and true dialogues among the artists come from their self respect and their real life experience within the community. With that in mind, Hanoi Link members strongly believe in its growth and its achievement of a high level in the near future.


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